In The Works

As of late, I have been specifically focused on the creation of monodramatic performance pieces that exist at the intersection of contemporary classical music, spoken word, and theater.  My current work is a focused examination of the human condition in regards to growth, change, and inter-communal relationships.  


Carapace was penned in 2020.  Having endured THREE shutdowns (I was living and working in Hong Kong Winter 2019, New York City Winter 2020  and Minneapolis Spring 2020), I found myself retreating within my art to protect my peace.  This piece examines themes of identity, personal space, and privacy. Carapace is scored for chamber ensemble (piano, violin, cello, clarinet, snare drum) and voice.  The run-time is approximately five minutes.

Equus Rhapsody

2020 was a beast of a time: a time questioning both the foundation and fabric of the experiment called America, a time signaling the fall of an empire.  These wild times inspired me to explore ideas of creation and destruction utilizing Celtic and Roman mythologies.  Equus Rhapsody is penned for two cellos and voice and has a run time of approximately ten minutes.